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This 38 Page guide is packed with tips and advice. It will give you a plan to follow, if you or a loved one is suffering from any addiction. Get it NOW and start on the path to recovery today.

What you will learn:
  • How To Get The Right Help
  • The 3 signs of an Alcoholic or an Addict
  • The Self-Test
  • 6 ways to Influence an Alcoholic / Addict to Accept Help
  • 10 Tips for Quitting
  • Four Helpful Suggestions When Seeking Addiction Help
  • Improving Your Chances of Recovery
  • What To Do Next

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Who this guide is for?

    • Parents with a son / daughter struggling with their addiction
      (typically illegal drugs)
    • Adults with a parent struggling with their addiction (typically alcohol)
    • Married couples where one spouse likes to party too much
    • Wife who’s partner is AWOL and coming home stinking of booze
    • Families who don’t know how to help their loved one
      (usually due to their denial)
    • Families who have tried to help before but to no avail.
    • The addict themselves looking for trustworthy source of help and can afford to put themselves through treatment

Problems we can help you with...

    • Alcohol Dependancy
    • Heroin Addiction
    • Cocaine Addiction
    • Cannabis Use
    • Legal High Addiction (such as Methedrone)
    • Gaming Addiction
    • Gambling Addiction
    • Other Addictions

This guide is written by Ian Young, a Professional Interventionist and Addictionologist, recognised within the field of Addiction Treatment since 2001.

He is the founder of two large rehabilitation facilities still operating within the European Treatment Industry and continues to offer consultancy to others. His company offers bespoke packages of treatment to individuals and their families ravaged by addiction.

The "Guide To Beating Addiction" has been written and edited to help families unsure about what to do next or where to turn. Their idea is to educate you enough through the content of this easy to read guide, that you’ll either know what to do next or at least know who to contact to ask for further help.

Ian has carefully considered a number of relevant subjects to include in this guide, which have then been broken down into simple and easy to read chapters designed to lead you and your family towards the best decisions available to you to move forwards and help the addict / alcoholic move into recovery.

Addiction Interventions UK is a Partnership between Ian Young & Bobby Gill to help people overcome addictions, by providing the resources needed to every home that might have an addict. We are committed to supporting addicts, their families and friends to get through this challenging time.We are here to help change the minds and hearts of addicts, so they can make better choices and live an improved quality of life.